“The 18th-century former cotton warehouse that houses Boar’s Head Grill & Tavern is one of those places where you wish the walls could talk.  If the exposed bricks and massive beams could speak, you would be certain to hear stories of Savannah’s immigrants, its laborers and certainly, accounts of some shenanigans.  But for the last 44 years, the only stories the walls have recorded have been accounts of diners relishing the menu of the River Street institution.

It was a pleasant night when Ms. Lamb and I made our way down the helter-skelter steps at the end of Lincoln Street to our dinner reservation.  We found ourselves inside on the dot at 8:30 – and discovered a restaurant that was still hoping and had nary a spare table for a spontaneous diner.

We went right to work splitting a half dozen oysters in the baked Oysters Rockefeller.  Topped with spinach, Parmesan cheese and Hollandaise sauce – and served on a bed of rock salt – the oysters were deliciously briny form their own juices and the saltiness of the cheese.  They were piping hot and fresh.

Ms. Lamb chose Sauteed Grouper.  This popular fish as soared in price in the past few months – surpassing prime beef.  Still, the generous portion served by the Boar’s Head was a good value – and delicious with tastes of seared fish, butter and then the savory, moist white meat that has made grouper such a popular seafood.

Her accompanying baked potato arrived with too cool to melt butter.  When called to the server’s attention, she promptly and cheerfully replaced it with one that was steaming hot.

Boar’s Head has a reputation for steak – and I put that rumor to the test with a medium rare 6-ounce Filet Mignon.  I will rush to say the steak was cooked perfectly without a hint of pretentiousness.

A house-made steak sauce presented in a small plastic cup had good flavor, but I couldn’t bring myself to dredge my perfectly war steak through the refrigerator cold sauce.   I would serve it at least at room temperature.

CIA-trained Chef and Owner Philip Branan has won several awards for his homemade desserts – and we couldn’t wait to try this one.

Ms.  Lamb chose a delightfully tart and fresh Key Lime pie and i sampled the Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Pecan Pie.  Her dessert epitomized everything you’d want in a Key Lime pie.

Servers were prompt, attentive and knowledgeable.  The open kitchen that was probably a novelty in its day as come full circle to now be trendy.  I was impressed b the entire dessert menu – complete with a through selection of dessert wines, ports, Kentucky bourbons and single malt scotch.  The wine lis was thorough and suited for this casual dining destination – and also offered many by-the-glass options.”

-Savannah Morning News